4 reasons why today is the beginning of the end… for mobile

I’ve been saying it for years, and it is finally happening… I just didn’t think it would be T-Mobile to make the first move. Today’s release of Bobsled and CES in Las Vegas marks the moment that minutes and SMS packages beging to die, and wholly data-driven mobile communications are born. And to have a carrier make such a bold move on this direction is amazing.

Basically this is a carrier-sponsored, device agnostic, cloud-supported love-child-app of a Facebook Messenger, Skype, and WhatsApp threesome (inappropriate?). It integrates with your contacts, FB friends, and provides 100% scott free messaging and calling across all devices and platforms.

Here are the reasons why this is such a game changer:

  • 4G: This launch coincides with T-Mobile’s official launch of nationwide 4G service, which puts this super-fast connectivity within reach of virtually all U.S. mobile subscribers.
  • Facebook: The social graph is real, and it fuels our interpersonal communication. This app integrates so seamlessly, its not even funny. FB is the reason why this app will explode.
  • FREE: $0 app, calls, and messages. Need I say more? Goodbye minutes and SMS overages…
  • Carriers: Until now, free messaging apps have been 3rd party. To have a carrier back this AND allow it to be cross platform and cross carrier will put the pressure on the industry to move in this direction.
Ultimately, I am pumped. Lot’s of changes ahead in the next several years – but we have been rife with them since 2007 when the iPhone launched, so you better be used to it by now. How will the affect marketers? Only time will tell, but it was only a few years ago that the term “on-deck with carriers” was the driving force behind mobile marketing campaigns – that is all but gone, and this is the next step.
Curious to know everyones thoughts in the comments below:
-Kevin Planovsky

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Sam Reaves
January 11th, 2012 on 2:33 pm


Now how long is it until Verizon somehow loopholes its way out of serving unlimited data to its contracted subscribers?

Joel B
January 12th, 2012 on 8:05 pm

Love the free part as a consumer. How is the telecom industry going to expand and improve without revenue and lots of it? Billions are spent to upgrade the uber increasing bandwidth usages happening right now. Video is literally killing the profits of telecom companies. That’s why unlimited plans are basically dead, except sprint, which give it time, it will fall too. Unlimited or free usage of data will bring a halt to growth. Of course I know nothing about bobcat or it’s potential.