Vert is like the R2D2 of ad agencies. Next generation, bleeding-edge technology with an attitude, but always there with a solution. Will you be our C3PO?

Vert is a premier, full-service advertising and marketing agency providing strategy, media, and creative services for everything mobile, social and digital. We connect brands with the pervasive, digital consumer by effectively leveraging the reach, targeting, and interactivity of the wireless & social web.

We were founded on the idea that digital communication is the future of all communication. Our mission is to be the premier facilitator for brands in this brave new space. Vert wants to become the go-to agency for social and mobile by consistently surpassing client’s marketing goals through killer strategy & creative that effectively enriches marketing communications plans by fostering an intimate connection between brands & consumers everywhere, 24/7.

This is the collective clout of Vert’s team of dedicated digital professionals, just dying to put it to good work for your brand. We are children of the internet. We are texters. We are thinkers and dreamers. We are friends. We are professionals. We tweet. We are committed. We are connected, and we want you to join the club.

Founded in 2008, Vert is the brainchild of over 4 years of work, insight and perfect timing to bring effective and measurable new media marketing solutions to maturity (that’s alliteration). The seeds of which were planted in Athens, Georgia at UGA’s New Media Institute during the Fall of 2005. During this time, Vert’s founders worked alongside companies like Air2Web, Intel, and Cingular Wireless to research, develop and prototype next generation mobile & social technologies. Now, after honing our skills over the years building award-winning campaigns for some of the most reputable brands in the world – we are Vert. This is the collective effort of dedicated founders, committed advisors, and integral partners – all here to spark the conversation of your brand.