We Won! Most Effective Local Campaign @ AiMA

Vert mobile + social media digital award

Kevin & Lauren at the AiMA Awards Event

For the first 3 years of Vert’s existence we always shrugged off industry awards. Too many hoops to jump through when we wanted to focus on our client’s needs – not our own. Finally, with a team of 6 stellar Vertbags (our little nickname for ourselves) we finally had the time for a little self-love. When we saw the “Most Effective Local Campaign” category for the 2012 Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association Awards we knew we could give it a go.

Last year (2011), we had the opportunity to completely transform the digital footprint of one of the southeasts most beloved brands – Taco Mac. Led by myself and the talented Lauren Leschper, we crafted a locally focused campaign across social media, mobile, and digital platforms. The results were astounding to our client and we even impressed ourselves a little bit (not to brag). You can view the award entry with all the work and results on Facebook: Vert’s Digital + Social + Mobile = Local Taco Mac Campaign.

Taco Mac Most Effective Campaign

With all that said, it is a testament to the ENTIRE Vert team that we are able to revel in the success of our past work. Without everyone working together, ensuring our client work continued to shine, and spending some time on our own interests – this wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks to everyone at AiMA for their dedication to the digital marketing space in Atlanta. Thanks to all of the Vertbags. But most importantly, thanks to our client – Taco Mac - for giving us their trust, their ideas, and of course their budget, to make this a success for the brand, its customers, patrons, owners, stakeholders and even it’s digital marketing agency.

- Kevin Planovsky

@kplanovsky on Twitter

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