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Imagine, if you will, an apathetic and humdrum elementary school student, plodding lifelessly down a quiet neighborhood street. It’s 1996, I’m a 12 year old sporting a questionable bob cut, and I’m undertaking the arduous task of gathering door-to-door donations for a school field trip I’m feeling thoroughly indifferent about. Those were the dark days preceding social media, when fundraising was a tedious undertaking, and avoiding a plea was as simple as turning off the lights and ignoring a knock. Now nonprofits knock in a different way. In fact, ...


When it's also a calculated digital marketing tactic, of course. Every year we laugh, we groan, we stalk BuzzFeed's roundup list, or we avoid the internet all together on April 1st. For better or worse, April Fool's Day has become an internet brouhaha of fake tech company announcements and ridiculous brand tweets. Much of this "real time" noise gets lost in the day's clutter, but each year a few pranks rise to the top. Brand: ThinkGeek Prank: Rosetta Stone - Learn ...


I've always thought the most challenging topic to write about is invariably oneself. Rocket Science or the mating habits of the common Fire Ant might require less skill in the field of wordsmithery. Nevertheless, the people want to meet Hannah, so that's what the people shall have! Let's begin at the beginning, shall we? I'm a proud native of beautiful New Zealand, a tiny, yet mighty country which boasts a whopping 3 sheep for every person. At least that was the case ...


Here in Atlanta, it's a beautiful 70 degrees and sunny. Hard to believe that within the past month, we've been hit with two winter storms that nearly paralyzed our city for days. Luckily, the Vert office was closed when Winter Storm Leon came rolling through. So, as I sat cozy on my sofa watching the snow turn to ice in my driveway, & checking Facebook and Twitter for my news updates, it hit me how vital social media has become, and how impactful digital information continues to be for consumers. Atlanta's ...


Pinterest has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in digital marketing. In 2013, the content sharing site surpassed email for online sharing, taking the bronze medal. Pinners and marketers alike love the ease of use and aesthetic that Pinterest offers. With that said, this year Pinterest has been rolling out some interesting changes to make the site even more accessible - or should I say, pinable. The first change came in the form of animation. Pinterest now ...


Hi! I’m Cherise, Vert’s new design intern. I've been a creative individual for over 10 years now. I recently graduated college with a Graphic Design degree with a majority of my focus on User Interface design. For me, design is basically an obsession. I spend hours practically everyday collecting pins (on Pinterest) and looking for other design inspirations. Design allows me to solve some of the most basic problems that plague apps and websites and allows ...


The CES dust has settled and now it's time to take a look at what all the shiny new gadgets mean for digital marketers. CES 2014 featured Smart TVs, curved TVs, webOS powered TVs and a whole lot more. But the question still remains, will these new smart boxes become a digital living room tool for marketers? We're already seeing some cool uses for the smart TV trend -- this year H&M will allow Samsung Smart TV owners to purchase David Beckham's clothing line ...


When developing a new app (or just updating an existing one) it is best to test it throughly before releasing it in the app stores. There are only a few services available that can help you easily distribute your build and get feedback from a variety of beta testers on different devices. Let's take a look at the three most popular services to help make your choice a little simpler.


Over the past 2 years, Google has slowly been chipping away at the organic search results you see in Google Analytics. With privacy concerns on the rise, especially due to the recent exploits of the NSA, Google has flipped the switch to secure all searches via any device.   What does this mean for your analytics? If you are familiar with Google Analytics or get monthly reports detailing the keywords users searched to find your site, you may have ...


'Tis the season to be jolly! It's almost time for Santa to come clamoring down our chimney's and we've got a few nifty gadgets on our wish list. Check out what each of the Vertbags are hoping for this year and let us know what's at the top of your list! #1. [ Michael ] The 500 GH/s Bitcoin Miner from Butterfly Labs: The Mini Rig comes ready with a touch panel (Nexus 7) control screen with built in host. With the ...