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Here in Atlanta, it's a beautiful 70 degrees and sunny. Hard to believe that within the past month, we've been hit with two winter storms that nearly paralyzed our city for days. Luckily, the Vert office was closed when Winter Storm Leon came rolling through. So, as I sat cozy on my sofa watching the snow turn to ice in my driveway, & checking Facebook and Twitter for my news updates, it hit me how vital social media has become, and how impactful digital information continues to be for consumers. Atlanta's ...


Over the past 2 years, Google has slowly been chipping away at the organic search results you see in Google Analytics. With privacy concerns on the rise, especially due to the recent exploits of the NSA, Google has flipped the switch to secure all Google.com searches via any device.   What does this mean for your analytics? If you are familiar with Google Analytics or get monthly reports detailing the keywords users searched to find your site, you may have ...


2013 has been a breakout year for the entire team and our amazing clients. We have been fortunate to work with partners who have a bigger vision for what can be done on digital channels and aren't afraid to push the envelope. We've collaborated on everything from crazy 55 hour livestreams to creepy Open Graph experiences and innovative mobile media campaigns... All in all we took home 16 recognitions across 9 programs this year. Here is a breakdown of Vert's year of awards (and it's not over yet!):


Google Analytics no longer reports on keywords driving traffic to your website via search. In what appears to be an attempt to make up for that change, Google has added new reports on demographic and interest data to their Analytics platform. Using the new demographic section, you can now view and segment site traffic via Age and/or Gender. The new demographic charts allow you to easily view the age range distribution of your visitors and the percentage of ...


A few hours ago Instagram revealed what their native sponsored posts will look like via Instagram's blog. Users having been dreading the day Instagram allows advertisers on the platform but marketers will be jumping up and down with joy (us included). As you can see, sponsored posts will look exactly like regular Instagram posts, blending into the user's feeds to not interrupt the experience, except there will be a small 'Sponsored' label where the time stamp is usually located. ...


There has been a lot of bad-mouthing of Advertising Week across the industry blogs and dailies. Perhaps I am a naive first-timer, but I think Jon Bond said it best when he blogged that after 10 years "Advertising Week is a breath of fresh air for our industry"! As I fly back to Atlanta from ye olde large apple, I decided to jot down all of the crazy, fun, some disappointing, and exciting things I accomplished in only 48 short hours in Manhattan. The below list is the 40 things from ...


On August 27, 2013, Facebook announced some major updates to its Page Terms that would remove some of the restrictions on how Page administrators create and administer promotions. These changes weren’t a total surprise – Facebook didn’t exactly enforce the original rules, which required that promotions on Facebook only be administered through third-party apps. While apps are still encouraged, Page managers are now invited to administer promotions on the Timeline. What does this mean? You can: • Consider users’ posts on ...


So I am up here in NYC for Advertising Week - which I am fully convinced is 10X more amazing for us "agency-types" than the annual mecca to Austin in March. But just as I speak too soon - our buddies over at The Visualab sent me the final version of an infographic we just collaborated on... Whether Vert will be at SxSW Interactive 2014 or not - here are our top predictions based on the number of times the below keywords showed up in this year's panel ...


Last year we took home an AiMA Award and a couple Adrian Awards for our work with Taco Mac and InterContinental Hotels Group - now 2013's awards season is heating up and the Vert team is kicking it off with a bang! I just got a call this week notifying us that we are finalists in this year's OMMA Awards for best viral campaign going head to head against 360i for their Oreo work and the crazy ...


Facebook Launches Instagram Video: Vine Killer?

Facebook created quite the social media frenzy when they launched Instagram's new video feature on June 20th. Some say that the new video update is a "Vine killer," others say Instagram has now lost its pure, aesthetically appealing feed format. Here's a list of the main comparison. You decide - which video-sharing platform will win? Instagram The most obvious advantage Instagram has over Vine is the 15-second format: the longer time limit is appealing because it allows for more content creation. 13 new filters were created specifically for video editing ...