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Imagine, if you will, an apathetic and humdrum elementary school student, plodding lifelessly down a quiet neighborhood street. It’s 1996, I’m a 12 year old sporting a questionable bob cut, and I’m undertaking the arduous task of gathering door-to-door donations for a school field trip I’m feeling thoroughly indifferent about. Those were the dark days preceding social media, when fundraising was a tedious undertaking, and avoiding a plea was as simple as turning off the lights and ignoring a knock. Now nonprofits knock in a different way. In fact, ...


When it's also a calculated digital marketing tactic, of course. Every year we laugh, we groan, we stalk BuzzFeed's roundup list, or we avoid the internet all together on April 1st. For better or worse, April Fool's Day has become an internet brouhaha of fake tech company announcements and ridiculous brand tweets. Much of this "real time" noise gets lost in the day's clutter, but each year a few pranks rise to the top. Brand: ThinkGeek Prank: Rosetta Stone - Learn ...


Here in Atlanta, it's a beautiful 70 degrees and sunny. Hard to believe that within the past month, we've been hit with two winter storms that nearly paralyzed our city for days. Luckily, the Vert office was closed when Winter Storm Leon came rolling through. So, as I sat cozy on my sofa watching the snow turn to ice in my driveway, & checking Facebook and Twitter for my news updates, it hit me how vital social media has become, and how impactful digital information continues to be for consumers. Atlanta's ...


Some Very Pinteresting Changes…

Pinterest has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in digital marketing. In 2013, the content sharing site surpassed email for online sharing, taking the bronze medal. Pinners and marketers alike love the ease of use and aesthetic that Pinterest offers. With that said, this year Pinterest has been rolling out some interesting changes to make the site even more accessible - or should I say, pinable. The first change came in the form of animation. Pinterest now ...


Users who rely on Pinterest to fuel their wanderlust will be excited to start exploring the world via Place Pins and place boards, new features that use Foursquare location data and MapBox technology to create beautiful, interactive maps within Pinterest.  What is a Place Pin? Users can now opt to add a map when creating a board (or editing an existing board) on Pinterest. After a place board has been created, the Pins on that board will immediately be overlaid on a map. If a Pin already includes location ...


Twitter Launches Scheduled Tweets

Beware the scheduled tweet. Twitter's new native tweet scheduling tool for advertisers is easy and intuitive, allowing you to schedule tweets up to a year in advance. The tool may at first glance seem like a godsend from the social media pantheon on high, but as any good student of greek drama will tell you, gifts from the gods come with potential unforeseen consequences. Savvy Twitter users and marketers have had access to this feature for a while now through various


The world of Twitter can be frustrating. You only have 140 characters to get your message out – but you also need to tag relevant people and find room for hashtags. You might find yourself wondering if it would be acceptable to delete all the spaces because it’s SO unfair that those are included in the character count. Well, thatisnotacceptable. As the average tweet only lives for about 18 minutes, your message can quickly become white noise in the feed (and there will be plenty of times when this happens). However, Twitter is ...


Pinterest Promoted Pins are LIVE

Since Pinterest announced the concept of 'promoted pins' last month, users and marketers alike have been in a flurry. What will they look like? How much will they cost? Where will they appear? Now that Promoted Pins are live for some users, we decided to take a closer look to help answer these questions and explain how this powerful tool might impact your Pinterest strategy in the future. What will Promoted Pins look like? As you can see, Promoted Pins will look exactly ...


A few hours ago Instagram revealed what their native sponsored posts will look like via Instagram's blog. Users having been dreading the day Instagram allows advertisers on the platform but marketers will be jumping up and down with joy (us included). As you can see, sponsored posts will look exactly like regular Instagram posts, blending into the user's feeds to not interrupt the experience, except there will be a small 'Sponsored' label where the time stamp is usually located. ...


Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed (we'll thank Sharethrough for the official definition). In the past few months, several new native ad opportunities have launched, with the most significant of these appearing on social media platforms – Pinterest promoted pins, Facebook enhanced retargeting and Foursquare's self-serve options. Here's a closer look at each of these new features to help guide and explain how these powerful tools ...