Introducing the Samsung Chromebox

Chromebox Front

Welcome to Google’s answer to the Mac mini, the new Samsung Chromebox. Google’s Chromebook was the first notebook computer to run Google Chrome OS. Samsung’s new Chromebox will be the first desktop computer.

The Chrome software, that comes pre-installed on the Chromebox, exists primarly on the Web allowing the Chromebox to update itself automatically when a new version or extra features come out. Google takes care of maintenance, security, and getting rid of conflicting programs, meaning viruses will be fairly rare. It is even rumored the Chrome OS will be merged with the Android OS in the future. Similar to what Apple did with Lion and their iOS.

The Chromebox looks very similar to the small sleek design of the Mac mini. It doesn’t come with any keyboard, mouse, or monitor. You just connect the ones you already have. (If you don’t have any there is an optional Chrome keyboard and mouse you can get with it.) One of the cool things is that Chromebox boots in less than 7 seconds – WOW thats fast. This is because most of its OS is browser based allowing it to be ready in no time. Wifi is built in, bluetooth is supported and it has 6 USB ports!

Front of Chromebox

Chromebox Back
The Chromebox is great if all you want to do is email, play games, surf the net, watch videos, and edit photos – which is what most people do with their computer anyway. Mainly everything is browser based, so if you’re okay with doing your work on Google Docs or other browser-based work programs then it is golden for your business life as well.

The only downfall is without an internet connection the Chromebox is fairly useless. If you use your computer primarily for business I wouldn’t recommend it.

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