Google debuts “social” streaming media device, Nexus Q

Nexus Q

Google has been pretty busy lately with their recent yearly I/O conference. One of the devices that was debuted is the new Nexus Q. Google is calling the Q the first social streaming media player. Let’s explore what Google means by “social.”

The Nexus Q is a cloud-based device that streams music, videos, and TV. The Q connects directly to your TV and can act as a stereo allowing users to plug in their own speakers. The Q comes with a built-in 25-watt amp to increase the quality of music. Users can control the Q from their Android device (phone or tablet) and can even create and share playlists. This is where the social aspect comes in.

Multiple users can add to one playlist in what Google is calling a “Party.” So if you are having a get-together at your house, anyone with an Android device and access to your wifi is able to add or move around songs in the playlist queue – I guess we figured out where the name came from. People will no longer have to request songs or take your phone off the stereo to put their phone on. It is a throw-back to people requesting songs from the DJ. Now, I wouldn’t necessary call that a “social” streaming media player, but it does have its appeal. Check out how it works in the video.

The Nexus Q is black and sleek with a very minimalist design, similar to that other streaming device developed by a well known fruit company. In fact, Q project leaders Joe Britt and Matt Hershenson both come with an Apple hardware pedigree. The LEDs that ring the Nexus Q shift and change color in time to your music. You can choose your favorite effect and put your Q where it can be seen, and touched.

With sights set on entering your living room, only time will tell if Google’s Q can compete with the other devices already developed by the big 3 – Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft.

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