“Smart Lists”, not for your Smartest FB Friends…

Facebook and I have a love-hate relationship.

Sometimes I love seeing what my friends are up to, or discovering a great local deal or event. Then my mom finds an album from college and asks “what’s Edward 40 Hands?” – and I’m over FB again.

The newly-revamped Friends Lists should help me maintain my love for the social media powerhouse. According to Mark Zuckerburg, only 5% of users currently take advantage of the Friends List feature – not surprising, since I’ve only ever met 1 person who uses it (*cough* Kevin Planovsky *cough*).

The news Friends Lists incorporate something called “Smart Lists,” making the feature more user-friendly by allowing you to automatically create lists based on workplace, location, etc. Manually created lists include “Close Friends” and “Acquaintances,” which usefully influences your Newsfeed (seeing “Close Friends” more and “Acquaintances” less). You can also target updates to a specific list – so mom won’t see those embarrassing photos.

Check it out! I know I will… I’m no dummy…

See Mashable for a more detailed explanation of the new features and stay tuned for an official update from the rest of the Vert team on today’s F8 insanity!

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Chris Lentz
September 22nd, 2011 on 10:47 pm

I have heard nothing but complaints about the new Facebook changes. I think it will take time for people to warm up to the changes. *remembers the hatred for the new feed.”

I am a Facebook developer and have played around with the new features including the new profile “Timeline” layout and I am loving it. Plus, these changes are going to allow brands and companies to interact with their customers on a whole new level.